Help needed for this dog.

10348457_10152624238929807_8889377991680204473_nThis dog, named Puti, is a stray dog in recto area, he has hernia thus he has a hard time walking, “bumababa na un bituka” as my neighbor says.. my neighbor took pity on him, so he had him operated on November 6. she even rented a place where the dog could stay and heal.. but after a few days, the dog’s wound started to swell, and bleed.. he got an infection.. my neighbor went to another vet, the vet says they have to wait for the dog to regain strength to operate him again, he also has tumor.. my neighbor cannot pay for his bills already, for it has reached 14k. she has to take him out of the vet.. The dog is currently in another place, hoping to regain strength, but he is not eating, maybe because of the pain that he is undergoing..
if anyone can help for his medical bills or help get this dog.. please message me..


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